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NEW FOR 2020!
Start From Home Fitness is for people who...
  • Want to workout from the comfort of their home
  • Want to avoid monthly gym memberships
  • Would rather not have to pay additional costs for your kids, just so you can workout
  • ​Are to tired to go anywhere after work
  • ​Don't have time
Whatever the reason is for why you want to train from home let Start From Home Fitness be there to help support you, take your health, and fitness to the next level! We come and train you right from your home, apartment or at your workplace.
Hey I'm Jared.
My team and I are here to help you start your new fitness journey today, right from home.

From custom workout plans, nutrition advice, daily communication with myself, and even 1 on 1 personal training.
Find out if Start From Home Fitness is right for you!

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Here are just a few amazing people who help inspire us on a daily basis!
Jake Estes
I used Jared and Start at Home Fitness in the beginning of my health journey to get a start of motivation, habits, and knowledge of what exercises worked for me. I was a newbie to training and exercising in general and had specific goals I was working on: muscle building, toning, stretching upper back, core, and general areas of body wellness. Jared and Start at home fitness helped me gain insight and overall better ideas because I had no idea where to start. Now, I can work at home around my schedule before moving on to the gym. He’s extremely nice and his workouts are accommodated to you and your body goals. 10/10 would recommend. Also, extreme cheap comparatively and comes to your house for individual workouts around your schedule.
Noah B.
"I can't recommend Jared Queckboerner and Start from Home Fitness enough. This is a great company. In Des Moines, Iowa they should be the winner of some “Cityview Best Of” category…
- In home physical training
- Flexible to alternative schedules
- Takes individual strength level into account

- Encouraging and pushes you in a way that is difficult to do on your own
- No air of condescension or pretension (treats you with dignity and respect)
- Takes a vested interest helping you actually achieve goals
- Isn’t intimidated by the physical level (or lack thereof) you are at
- The MacGyver of physical fitness… workout with anything available
- Very reasonable rate
- Provides helpful counsel regarding wise eating

Since I started working with Jared and SFHF a month and a half ago I’ve seen significant changes regarding physical strength and weight loss (I’ve lost over 25lbs). Two thumbs up!"
Molly A.
"I found Jared through the grapevine at my apartment building. I started working out with him to help improve my mindset and increase endorphins. (Working out leads to endorphins. Endorphins make you happy and this teacher needs endorphins!) 

Jared has taken the time to get to know me and create a workout regime to meet my needs and limitations (knee issues.) 

I truly appreciate that on the rough days (teacher life) he is kind and knows when to push me and when to listen. 

I highly recommend Jared to anyone who is looking for an amazing and affordable personal trainer!."